During 2018 The CLIMATE CHANNEL  brought together artists and organizations with mutual aims & concerns. From the outset, the various organizations and artists debated a specific theme or aspect of climate change. The aim of the artists was to create easily understood current art pieces commenting on the background of, and links to, climate change.  The Climate Channel discusses the following themes:  bioeconomy/the economic use & abuse, of forests, climate anxiety among young people, the links between free trade agreements and associated difficulties in climate change mitigation, the potential post-fossil future,the effects of low snowfall on Nordic sports culture, the environmental impact of mass food production, and the role of humanity in the climate crisis.

The action and the continuity of The Climate Channel

The Climate Channel was launched to the public in January 2018. Eight art pieces and their production process was displayed on social media via the Climate Channel. Each theme month on social media contained interviews, articles, competitions, activism and discussions.  Activism art made in cooperation with artists and organizations was/is an essential communication tool in the project. The art pieces made in 2018 continue their life in the social media, new expositions and other occasions. Art is the medium for relaying the facts as we appear to know them, dealing with the emotions caused by climate change, stimulating debate, revealing the stark realities of climate policy and suggesting viable forward thinking solutions.
2019 The Climate Channel continue its activities on a voluntary basis; producing and documenting climate art  statements made at the Parliament house of Finland  within the constant every Friday climate demonstration supporting the climate strike movement and its goals. 
​The Climate Channel urges Finns, & everyone else, to demand immediate, direct & concrete unimpeachable actions to preserve our earth as a viable and undamaged place for future generations and their families to inherit and in which they can live in natural harmony with nature, rather than at war with it. 
It is channeling direct pressure  to the political decision-makers, positively and decisively.
The Climate Channel was launched to the public in January 2018.

The climate channel is artistic research
The Climate channel is a concept created by Sonja Salomäki and it is the operational part of her doctoral research at the University of Lapland. The intention of the research is  to produce information about the potential effectiveness of art activism. The Climate Channel is collecting research information from the various stages of the project, from the participating artists, organizations and the public.


The project is funded by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland and The Finnish Innovation Fund, Sitra.

The Climate channel was produced by Jatkumo Ry and during 2018 it was supported by FlyAR, Kolo, Muotomainos, Rupla and Silvoplee.